22 September 2011

The contents of the inscription Gutters Tuo

Here is the text contained in the Gutters Tuo Inscription:
Rather script :

• Svasti
• 606 cakavarsatita dim cri dvitiya cuklapaksa vulan caitra
• there is tatkalana parlak Criksetra
• niparvuat Parvan Dapunta Cri Yayanaca hyang (-ga) is pranidhanan Dapunta hyang savanakna that nitanam here
• niyur nut Hanau rumviya dngan samicrana the wood nimakan vuahna
• tathapi Haur vuluh pattung ityevamadi
• punarapi the varlak verkan dngan savad tlaga savanakna the vualtku sucarita paravis prayojanakan punyana sarvvasatva sacaracara
• varopayana tmu sukha in asannakala between margga lai
• tmu yes ahara muah * with water niminumna
• savanakna vuatna field for dry rice cultivation parlak mancak manghidupi runway prakara ya muah

• marhulun tuvi vrddhi muah jangam yes yes niknai savanakna the upasargga
• criminal svapnavighna
• varang vuatana kathamapi
• anukula the housekeeping naksatra pravis diya
• Nirvyadhi ajara kavuatanana
• tathapi savanakna yam khrtyana satyarjjava drdhabhakti dya ya muah
• the mitrana tuvi Janan yes kapata the vivina mulang anukala bharyya muah yes
• varamsthanana again stole ucca vadhana paradara there punarapi tmu yes Kalyanamitra
• marvvangun vodhicitta dngan maitridhari in ratnaraya hyang dang dang do marsarak dngan ratnaraya hyang.
• tathapi nityakala tyaga marcila ksanti marvvangun viryya diligent to know the samicrana cilpakala paravis
• samahitacinta
• tmu yes prajna smrti medhavi
• punarapi dhairyyamani Mahasattva vajracarira
• anubamacakti
• jaya tathapi jatismara
• avikalendriya
• mancak way
• subjaga Hasin halap
• ade yavakya vrahmasvara
• to be male
• svayambtu
• Puna (ra) pi tmu tmu janmavacita cintamaninidhana yes. karmmavacita clecavacita


Here is a translation of the content and the inscription, as translated by George Cœdès.
"On March 23, 684 AD, that's when the park is called Śrīksetra made under the leadership of His Majesty Sri Jayanāśa. This is the intention of the king: I hope that is planted here, palm trees, areca nut, palm, sago, and a variety of tree, its fruit can be eaten, as well as bamboo Haur, waluh, and pattum, and so on, and hopefully also other crops with dams and swimming-pool, and all the charities that I give, can be used for the good of all beings, who can move where and what not, and for them to be the best way to get happiness. If they are hungry, time to rest or in transit, may they find food and drinking water. May all their gardens open to excess (harvest). Hopefully suburlah various types of livestock which they maintain, as well as their own slaves. Hopefully they are not exposed to catastrophe, not tormented because they can not sleep. Whatever they do, hopefully all the planets and stars in their favor, and may they be protected from disease and aging during the running of their businesses. And also hopefully all their servants and faithful in their worship, after all hope their friends do not betray them and their wives may be a faithful wife. Moreover, wherever they are, hopefully in that place there are no thieves, or people who use violence, or killers, or penzinah. In addition, they may have a good friend as advisor; hopefully they were born within the mind of Bodhi and friendship Three Ratna, and hopefully they are not separate from Three Ratna it. And also hopefully keep (their attitude) generous, obedient to the rules, and the patient, hopefully within them the rising power, craft, knowledge of all different kinds of art; hopefully their spirit is concentrated, they have the knowledge, memory, intelligence. Anyway I hope they were firm opinion, like the diamond-bodied mahāsattwa incomparable strength, triumphant, and also remember their previous lives, berindra complete, full shape, happy, bersenyum, calm, pleasant voice, the voice of Brahma. May they be born as a man, and thanks to their own existence; may they be a forum Magic Stone, have power over births, the power of karma, power over the stain, and I hope they finally get the perfect lighting great again.



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