29 September 2018

Opening Ceremony of 2018 Asian Games

The 18th Asian Games opened with a colossal show as evidence to the world that Indonesia is a great nation and is able to hold an international scale event.

The opening of the 2018 Asian Games is expected to be witnessed by billions of viewers around the world who will showcase Indonesia's proud musicians and artists. The artists will appear on a spectacular stage, which is one of the largest and highest compared to similar events.

The stage, measuring 120 meters long, 30 meters wide, and 26 meters high, features large mountain views and is equipped with a variety of beautiful Indonesian plants. Not only that, the stage grandeur at this opening ceremony also featured 4 elements that illustrated Indonesia's natural wealth, namely water, earth, wind, and land.

Photo of 4 elements:



This segment describes the blue ocean that unites thousands of islands in Indonesia. Starting from a turbulent ocean, representing conflict in the early days of Indonesian history, then the present water became a union, calming the turmoil and bringing peace to all the islands.



This is the segment where the beauty of Indonesia is symbolized in a movement that describes the variety of cultures, colors, expressions and perspectives that are maintained to the present. This segment also shows the love and dedication of Indonesian children to the earth. The representation of tradition in this segment aims to package various cultures in ritual dances and war dances.



Reflecting the ancestors of the Indonesian people who had high wisdom, strength and nationalism. In this segment, the wind is described as a force that grows and spreads life force, bequeaths the nation's values from one generation to the next.



A symbol of the courage and enthusiasm to compete with the Indonesian people. In this segment, fire and lava turn on the soul and body of the nation rooted in the earth. The fire will be the spirit and inspiration of the sports fighters, highlighting them heading for victory at the 2018 2018 Asian Games.


As the ASEAN Games motto is ENERGY OF ASIA

The stage is a beacon of hope and strength that shines in the hearts of all Indonesians. With its ability to change and positivity, the slogan of Energy of Asia or the Power of Asia will put Indonesia at the forefront of the future.

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 Palembang is one of the provinces in Indonesia which was chosen to host the largest sports party in Asia to accompany Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia. Followed by 45 countries including:

1. Afghanistan (AFG)
2. Bahrain (BRN)
3. Bangladesh (BAN)
4. Bhutan (BHU)
5. Brunei (BRU)
6. Cambodia (CAM)
7. China (CHN)
8. Taipei (TPE)
9. Hong Kong (HKG)
10. India (IND)
11. Indonesia (INA)
12. Iran (IRI)
13. Irak (IRQ)
14. Japan (JPN)
15. Jordania (JOR)
16. Kazakhstan (KAZ)
17. Kuwait (IAA)
18. Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)
19. Laos (LAO)
20. Lebanon (LBN)
21. Macau (MAC)
22. Malaysia (MAS)
23. Maladewa (MDV)
24. Mongolia (MGL)
25. Myanmar (MYA)
26. Nepal (NEP)
27. Korea Utara (PRK)
28. Oman (OMA)
29. Pakistan (PAK)
30. Palestina (PLE)
31. Filipina (PHI)
32. Qatar (QAT)
33. Arab Saudi (KSA)
34. Singapura (SGP)
35. Korea Selatan (KOR)
36. Sri Lanka (SRI)
37. Syria (SYR)
38 Tajikistan (TJK)
39. Thailand (THA)
40. Timor Leste (TLS)
41. Turikmenistan (TKM)
42. Uni Emirat Arab (UAE)
43. Uzbekistan (UZB)

44. Vietnam (VIE)
45. Yaman (YEM).

The event was held one day after Indonesia's 73rd Independence Day, precisely on August 18, 2018
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23 January 2015


South Sumatra Province is one part of the unitary Republic of Indonesia in its capital city of Palembang. Southern Sumatra is not only rich with heritage tourism and maritime country, but also rich with crops and natural resources and minerals , such as coal mines , gold mines , oil and gas , spices and variegated plants , one of the natural wealth The southern seumatera is the precious stone mines . Where to now many mining precious stones that are still hidden . many enthusiasts of both local and foreign who hunt the mines in South Sumatra , especially mine precious stones . Noble stone quarry south Sumatra can be demonstrated even been recognized the world about the uniqueness and beauty of the precious stones , such as Precious Stones River Stone Dareh or Lumut , Blue Sky , Spiritus , Lapender and other types of agate . Price is the price of precious stones ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars . One example Majesty The stone came from South Sumatra : 1. Stone Dareh River: 2. Stone Blue Sky : 3. Stone Spiritus : 4. Stone Lavender : And there are many other types of agate 

1. Precious Stones Dareh River : 

2. Blue Sky 

3. Spritus 

4. Lavender

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24 May 2013

History and Legend Kemaro Island

Kemaro Island, is a little on the Musi River Delta, located about 6 km from the Ampera Bridge. Kemaro island located in the industrial area, which is in between Sriwijaya Fertilizer Plant and Pertamina Plaju and Gerong River. Kemaro Island is a recreation area in the River Musi headliner In this place there is a Chinese temple (temple Hok Tjing Rio). On the island there are also Kemaro Buddhist temples frequented by Buddhists to pray or to visit the tomb. There are also often held the Cap Go Meh every Chinese New Year. Kemaro name was taken because this island has never flood, although the Musi River overflowed. Behind the beauty of the island Kemaro, Palembang, South Sumatra, a tragic love story tucked Palembang princess, Siti Fatimah. On this island there is also said to be the tomb of the last resting place of the princess. According to local legend, in ancient times, Palembang is sent to a daughter married to a son of the king of China. The princess asked 9 jars of gold as dowry. To avoid the pirate gold urns are covered vegetable and when he saw the boy king opened it contained only vegetable jars are then banished to the river. Sense of disappointment and regret making the king's son decided to throw ourselves into the river and drowned. The princess had come to throw ourselves into the river and drowned. The princess was buried in the Kemaro Island and built a shrine to his memory 

Place of Interest 

When set foot on this island, you can feel a thick Chinese. It can be seen from the 9-story pagoda towering in the middle of the island. The new building was built in 2006. In addition there is a pagoda pagoda that was once there. Soei Goeat Kiong temple or better known as Kuan Im temple built since 1962. In front of the temple there is the tomb of Tan Bun An (Prince) and Siti Fatimah (Daughter) are side by side. They both love story that became a legend this island formation. Besides this place also there is a tree called the "Tree of Love" is denoted as the rite of "True Love" between the two nations and two different cultures in ancient times between Siti Fatimah daughter of Sriwijaya and Tan Bun An Interior Prince of China, it is said , if there are couples who carve their names in the trees then their relationship will continue until the level of marriage. For this reason the island is also referred to as the Island Houses. It is said that there is a legend tragic love story. Quoted from the official website of South Sumatra Province, Thursday (07/02/2013), this legend tells about the love story between the daughter of King Palembang, Siti Fatimah with a rich merchant prince home country as well as China, Tan Bun Ann. Both are in love and agree to marry. Siti Fatimah Tan Bun stipulating on Ann to provide 9 jars filled with gold. Tan Bun Ann then sent one of his bodyguards return to China to ask for gold and blessing to her parents. Of course, the request is granted parental Tan Bun Ann. To keep the gold from pirates, the gold covered jar with pickled mustard greens. Arriving near the island Kemaro, Tan Bun Ann compelled to examine the contents of the urn. View contents only pickled mustard greens, he was upset and throw the jars into the river. However, he threw the jar is accidentally broken. That's where he saw the gold pieces. Tan Bun Ann was surprised to see it. He was very sorry for late notice. Ordered the police to take back the jars that have been drowned in the River Musi. However, the guards actually drowning. Finally, Tan Bun Ann decided to plunge into the river and look for the jars. Naas, he also drowned in the River Musi. To hear what happened to her future husband, Siti Fatimah took the initiative to jump with the intention of helping. He said, "If there is soil that grows on the banks of the river, so that's where my grave." Turns and Siti Fatimah Tan Bun Ann had never come to the surface. Soon, there are two mounds of earth is believed to be the tomb of Siti Fatimah and Tan Bun Ann. To commemorate them, made a grave both Kemaro Island. Not to forget, in this area there is also a love tree. This love is a tree that is quite old banyan with very dense branches. That said, if someone wrote her name and her partner in the tree, then the fabric of their love will be more lasting. To get to the island, the traveler must travel approximately 20 minutes. Journey in starting a small pier in front Kuto Besak. The island will be crowded and tourists during Chinese New Year celebrations Cap Go Meh, especially for the traveler of Chinese descent. 

 Gate or entrance Kemaro Island

Tomb is believed to be the 'eternal home'  Siti Fatimah and Tan Bun Ann

Tree of love

Pagoda on the Kemaro Island

Kemaro Island Palembang

Photo source: detik Travel
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