23 July 2009

Tourism Objects :

1. Musi River
2. Ampera bridge
3. Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Mosque Palembang
4. Fort Kuto Besak
5. Leideng office, now Mayor Office Building
6. Kambang Iwak Family Park
7. Forest Tourism Punti Kayu
8. Parks ancient kingdom of Sriwijaya
9. Bukit Siguntang Ancient garden

10. People's Struggle Monument
11. Museums Balaputradewa
12. Museums of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II
13. Crater Tengkurep
14. Cheng Ho Sriwijaya - Mosque
15. Kapitan Village
16. Arab village
17. Fantasy Island
18. Good Yellow
19. Songkets Crafts Center
20. Kemaro Island
21. Oil factory Pertamina
22. Fertilizer factory PUSRI
23. Gerong River

Food Palembang

• Pempek
• Tekwan
• Model
• Laksan
• Celimpungan
• Mie Celor
• Burgo
• Pindang Patin
• Pindang Tulang
• Malbi
• Tempoyak
• Otak - otak
• Kemplang
• Kerupuk
• Kue Maksubah
• Kue Delapan Jam
• Kue Srikayo dsb

Shopping Center

• Palembang Indah Mall (PIM)
• Palembang Trade Center (PTC)
• Palembang Square (PS)
• International Plaza (IP)
• JM Plaza
• Macro
• Market 16 Ilir
• Ramayana Shopping Center
• Sumatra Shopping Center
• Megahria Shopping Center
• Ilir Barat Permai (songkets, Lemari Palembang, Palembang Pelaminan, Palembang carvings, etc.)
• Traditional markets such as Kuto Market, Market Plaju, Ilir Market 26, Market Gubah etc..

Hotel and Lodging Places

Star hotel in Palembang, among others:

1. Aryaduta Hotel
2. Hotel Novotel
3. Horizon hotel
4. The Hotel Jayakarta Daira
5. Sanjaya Hotel
6. Swarna Dwipa Hotel
7. Royal Asia Hotel
8. Sahid Imara Hotel
9. Lembang Hotel
10. Princess Hotel
11. Wisata Hotel
12. etc


Palembang residents recognize some stretch of the city transportation, among others:

• Ampera-Pakjo
• Ampera-Sekip
• Ampera-Lemabang
• Ampera-Perumnas
• Ampera-Tangga Buntung
• Ampera-Bukit Besar
• Ampera 5-KM
• Ampera-Kertapati
• Ampera-Plaju
• Ampera Up-Market
• Lemabang-Sungai Lais
• Pasar Kuto-Kenten Laut
• Pasar Kuto -Perumnas
• Sayangan-Lemabang
• PUSRI-Simpang Sekip
• Musi II - Polda

There are also several city bus route that is:

• Perumnas-Kertapati
• Perumnas-Plaju
• PUSRI-Kertapati
• PUSRI-Plaju
• Bukit Besar-Kota
• 12-KM Kertapati
• 12-KM Plaju

There are also some brand taxis operating in the city. In addition to taxi and transportation in the city of Palembang bajaj which can be found a role as transportation to housing, bajaj where each color has a specific code that can only operate in certain areas in the of Palembang city. As a city that passed by several major rivers, the people of Palembang is also the transportation of water, called a monkey. serve this small river crossing through various docks along the Musi River, Ogan and Komering. Has recently opened a path train Commuting is for students who serve Sriwijaya University routes Kertapati-Indralaya.
The city has an International Airport that is International Airport Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II (SMB II). Airport is located in the northwest of Palembang, serving both domestic and international flight (since the extend the runway). Airport is also the embarkation for the pilgrimage of South Sumatra. Serve the domestic flight routes Palembang to Jakarta, Bandung, Batam, Pangkal Pinang and other cities, international airlines serve Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, China, Thailand.
Palembang have road-toll Kayu Agung Palembang-International Airport Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II this speed toll road access to the airport and Kayu Agung.
Palembang also has three main ports, namely New Boom, 36 Ilir Port, and Port of Tanjung Api Api. Third port serves ferry transporting passengers to use Muntok (Bangka) and Batam. When this port is being built in Tanjung Api-api and the transportation of goods and passengers enter and exit South Sumatra.

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