25 May 2009

History of Palembang part.1

History palembang city views from two of the age:

1. The era of Sriwijaya Kingdom.
Since the finding perasasti kedukan hill by local people and submitted to a Dutch Controleur named M. Baternburg on the hill near the river kedukan hill slopes siguntang on 29 November 1920, berhuruf Pallawa Ancient Malay language and translated by an expert archeologists berkebangsaan Prof. Francis called. . George Coedes, Palembang is a city in Indonesia. Interpretation of the results is estimated palembang inscription is a center at the time of the kingdom of Sriwijaya kingdom where some of the contents of the inscription kedukan hill explains that on June 16 year 682 BC (the date 5 years 604 days ashada Saka) has formed a Wanua by a named Dapunta Hyang Front Upang in a defined part of the city of Palembang. So the date is a benchmark of cities in other words Palembang Day so the city of Palembang. And if you want to see the original manuscript of the Kingdom of Sriwijaya, please see here

The contents of Prasasti Kedukan Hill

svasti śrī śakavaŕşātīta 605 (604 ?) ekādaśī śu
klapakşa vulan vaiśākha dapunta hiya nāyik di
sāmvau mangalap siddhayātra di saptamī śuklapakşa
vulan jyeşţha dapunta hiya maŕlapas dari minānga
tāmvan mamāva yamvala dualakşa dangan ko-
duaratus cāra di sāmvau dangan jālan sarivu
tlurātus sapulu dua vañakña dātamdi mata jap
sukhacitta di pañcamī śuklapakşa vula….
laghu mudita dātammarvuat vanua …..
śrīvijaya jaya siddhayātra subhikşa .....

(Note: The / v / in a modern Malay / b /).


1. Congratulations! Saka year 604 in the past, on the day to eleven
2. half-moonlit Waiśakha Dapunta Hiyaŋ increase in
3. boat "take siddhayātra". On the seventh day half-light
4. Jyestha Dapunta Hiyang months starting from Minanga
5. while bringing supplies to the 20,000 of the
6. as many as two hundred (chest) and running the boat with a walk as many as a thousand
7. three hundred and twelve come in Mukha Upaŋ
8. with joy. In the day-to five half-light hours .........
9. quickly and come make a joyful wanua (....)
10. Sriwijaya win, travel to be prosperous and successful ever


Palembang city also held by the community wither as its ancestral land. Because this is the place in the city decrease embryo of the first Malay prince Parameswara who came down from Bukit Siguntang. Then leave Parameswa Palembang with Sang Nila Utama Tumasik to go in and give a name to the Singapore Tumasik. During the Majapahit troops will attack from Singapore, Parameswara with followers moved to Malacca on the Malaysian peninsula and established the kingdom of Malacca. Some of his descendants also opened a new land in the area of Narathiwat and Pattani (now the southern part of Thailand). After the contact with the traders and the people in Gujarat and Persia Malacca, Parameswara then convert to Islam and change the name to Sultan Iskandar Syah.
Talking about the origins of the city of Palembang, that can not be disengaged from the historical development of the Kingdom of Sriwijaya, who once made the city as the capital of Palembang. Sriwijaya triumph seems revealed to the Sultanate of Palembang Darusallam medium at the time of the patriarch was over dikawasan archipelago. Palembang been functioning as the center of the medieval kingdom of Sriwijaya to-7 (year 683 BC) until about a century to under-12 Sailendra Sailendra / derivative Dapunta Salendra with Bala Putra Dewa First as King. In the 17th century the city became the capital of Palembang Palembang Darussalam Sultanate diproklamirkan by the Prince Consort Kimas Hindi Sri Susuhanan Abdurrahman Candiwalang Khalifatul Believers Sayidul Faith (better known Kimas Hindi / Kimas cinde) as the first sultan (1643-1651), apart from the influence of the kingdom Mataram (Java). On 7 October 1823 Sultanate of Palembang eliminated by Dutch colonists and the city of Palembang Komisariat made under the Dutch Government (the contract of 18 August 1823), with Commisaris Sevenhoven officials as the first Government of the Netherlands. Then the city of Palembang as Gameente / haminte based stbld. No. 126 years in 1906 on 1 April 1906 until the entry of Japan on 16 February 1942. Palembang Syi who co-chaired Syi (Mayor) took place from year 1942 until the independence of RI. Based on the decision of Governor Kdh. Tk. I Sumatera Selatan No. 103 in 1945, City of Palembang as Class A. Based on the Law No. 22 Year 948, Palembang City is made of. Based on the Law No. 18 Year 1965, Palembang Municipality is made. Based on the Law No. 5 Year 1974 on 23 July 1974 on Main-Main Region in the Government, Regional Municipality of Palembang as Level II, Palembang.


to be continue.........................


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